Advocacy and Communications

Advocacy and Communications

Building on the pillars of pluralism, activism, Judaism and Zionism, advocacy provides a platform for students to speak up about the issues which impact and interest them. It also provides a space in which students can learn from each other, as well as the broader Jewish community.

Advocacy and Communications is all about providing educational resources for students, to encourage them to create their own informed opinions about the issues which they are likely to confront on campus. 

We are advocating this through ongoing social media campaigns, and TAP, the AUJS podcast.

The AUJS Pod  (TAP), features different speakers who specialise in different areas of the Jewish world, from Zionism, to leadership, to the diaspora, and more! By giving speakers a diverse selection of topics and perspectives, students are armed with the knowledge to create their own informed opinions.

The AUJS Pod

The AUJS Pod is live now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and more!
We have amazing episodes for you to choose from, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out!
In episode one, we discuss the many faces and narratives of the Israel/Palestine conflict with Ittay Flescher.
In episode two, we chat to Mary Kluk about the mutual issues which impact the South African and Australian Jewish communities, from BDS, to Holocaust commemoration, from the infamous Durban conferences to apartheid.
In episode three, we can listen to Andrei Schwartz discuss the highly political nature of diaspora communities as he tells the story of the ever-shrinking Romanian Jewish community.
Juliet Moses Episode 4

IHRA Campaign

One of the best tools we have in combating antisemitism is the IHRA Definition, as it provides a framework through which antisemitism can be identified. This is especially important for those who process claims of discrimination, as it reduces the amount of personal bias in the reporting process. 

The IHRA Campaign