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What is AUJS

AUJS has represented Jewish students on campus across Australia and New Zealand since 1948. AUJS is always a place for you on campus, connecting you socially with Jewish students at over 20 university campuses. 

AUJS allows you to engage with social, cultural and political events on and off-campus.


O Week West Australia

You are welcome to get involved in AUJS as a member and as a leader.

Attend our programs and learn professional skills that you will carry with you for life! We’ve got something for everyone.


Special Considerations

We are here to help you stay on top of your studies when Shabbat and Jewish holidays get in the way. 

If you signed up as a member, you should have received a supporting document for special consideration.

Special consideration is an AUJS membership benefit, if you have not signed up as a member please do so here.

For any inquiries, email us here.

What We Do

Social Events

We host games nights, campus lunches, mixers and much more. You’ll meet some great people from your campus, state and country. 

Purim Party


What better way to celebrate Purim, than joining us for one of our Purim parties. Costumes are a must and music will be pumping. (Feb – March).


A staple in the calendar for over 50 years, the AUJS Ball is our biggest night of the year in Sydney and Melbourne. This is the one night a year where you have an excuse to feel your fanciest. With delicious meals and plenty of drinks, grab your friends and get ready to dance the night away! (August/September)

And more!  

Our Programs

International Programs

Birthright Taglit

Birthright Israel:

Join us for a free 10-day journey exploring Israel and all it has to offer on one of our summer or winter busses. Immerse yourself in Israeli history, culture and sites with Jewish students from across Australasia. Stay tuned to find out when new dates will be released.

Leadership Development Program (LDP):

AUJS selects its top leaders to travel to different communities to explore the challenges facing the Jewish world today. In the past places have included Israel, the USA and more. LDP equips participants with innovative ideas and strategies for tackling these challenges that they can bring home to shape our local Jewish community.

Susan Wakil Fellowship

Susan Wakil Fellowship 2022

Susan Wakil Fellowship:

The SWF is a selective student leadership program aimed at empowering a generation of Jewish leaders to make a positive change in Australian society.

Throughout the course of the year, Fellows will be given the tools and skills to design and execute social action initiatives aimed at bringing about the change they want to see in Australian civic society. Fellows attend multiple interstate conferences and retreats, as well as a series of fortnightly workshops and mentorship relationships with industry leaders and innovators.

Leadership Programs

Leadership Training Summit 2021

Leadership Training Summit (LTS):

LTS brings together AUJS leaders from across Australasia for a 3-day immersive leadership development experience. LTS provides leaders with the fundamental skills and knowledge that they need to run successful events, operate effectively as a team and combat challenges on campus. It also provides leaders with a great opportunity to meet people from overseas and interstate.

Conferences & Advocacy

Political Training Seminar (PTS): 

PTS gives students an unprecedented opportunity to engage with the Australian political landscape.

Political training Seminar

Spend 3 days in Canberra developing your advocacy skills and discussing contemporary issues with senior members of parliament from all political parties, journalists, and political activists. Regional political seminars will be held at a later date to empower students to interact with local members of the parliament. 


An Israel advocacy conference like never before, Accelerate provides 3 days of unparalleled training covering everything from politics in the Middle East to Australia / Israel relations to anti-Zionism vs antisemitism.

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