International Programs

Leadership Development Program (LDP)

AUJS Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a 6-week international program for selected student leaders to explore the challenges facing the Jewish world today.


AUJS LDP aims to provide its participants with the knowledge, skills and experience to return to their Australian Jewish community and enact positive and visionary change.

Each year, AUJS selects its top student leaders to travel to the USA, Israel and an additional Diaspora community to intimately explore the challenges facing the Jewish world today. AUJS Leadership Development Program (LDP) exposes its participants to the most innovative ideas and approaches on a variety of different topics affecting Jewish life – including the political, cultural, social and religious – and engages them with extensive practical leadership training.

During the program, participants undergo training with Hillel International, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and American Jewish Committee (AJC); attend the World Union of Jewish Students’ annual congress; meet with prominent Israeli leaders and confront contemporary communal and political issues facing Israel and the Jewish world. In recent years, participants have been exposed to the different and diverse Jewish communities of France, Austria, Mexico, Germany, India, Hungary, England and Canada.


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AIM - AUJS Israel Mission

AUJS Israel Mission Program (AIM) is a 10 day journey designed to challenge, inspire and influence future leaders of the Australian community. The program offers unparalleled access to internationally acclaimed thinkers, experts, and communal leaders. Through AIM, you will experience Israel like no other and gain insight into the history of the Middle East and the political landscape.

We run AIM, believing that our investment in nurturing ideas and leadership today will create the most competent, influential and dynamic leaders for Australian society tomorrow. 

This program aims to educate and challenge young leaders about the complexities of the Israeli/Arab conflict. When they return to their respective political groups, they will gain a greater sensitivity and understanding of the conflict’s different perspectives.

Exploring Israel –

Participants of AIM will experience an educational discovery of Israel like no other. AIM explores Israel through exciting tours, educational workshops and inspirational sessions with some of the country’s finest educators. The program will take you to many sacred places around Israel and give you an in-depth insight into all perspectives that have contributed to the conflict in the Middle East. 

You will hear from many speakers on a wide range of topics, including the Israeli/Arab conflict, the history of the region, and Israel as a start-up nation and its entrepreneurial culture. The program will take you to the city of Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Galilee, Bethlehem, Tiberias, Ramallah, West Bank, Masada and the Dead Sea. 


Why should I go on AIM? –

You should go because you are individual who wants to make a difference and to understand the complexity of the Middle East conflict.

AIM will provide a thorough, well-rounded and informative educational experience about the daily realities of Israel. It will be an opportunity to inform not only you but those around you when you return to campus and political circles in Australia. Campus life is integral to AUJS. We are so thrilled to be running the AIM trip to nurture and inform campus leaders of a balanced perspective of the history of Israel and the current realities that both Israelis and Palestinians endure through the eyes of those who live in the country itself.

We are looking forward to seeing this program go from strength to strength and the vital impact for campus leaders returning to Australian student politics and beyond.

The Inauguration of this program will have a tremendous and a profound impact on campus life in Australia, adding value to young student political leaders’ knowledge about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. 



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