Leadership Training Summit

Leadership Training Summit (LTS)

LTS brings every AUJS student leader in Australasia together for 3 days of training and development. The Summit aims to up-skill student executives and volunteers and provide professional development opportunities that can be used in AUJS, and for later service to the Jewish community.


First run in 2017, LTS has precipitated huge growth in AUJS, through increased networks among AUJS leaders across regions.

LTS has significantly improved the base level of skills among AUJS executives, widespread commitment to the organisation, and a union wide understanding of effective and unified methods of combating antisemitism, allowing for student leaders to fight antisemitism with the best tools, knowledge and networks.

Goals and Objectives


  • Provide an avenue for effective handover between past and future student volunteers, targeting the concern raised by the community over volunteer turnover and institutional memory loss
  • To upskill AUJS student leaders in advocacy, leadership and strategy
  • To improve quality and quantity of the programs and events offered to AUJS members by having a more highly skilled executive
  • To improve the ways in which AUJS combats antisemitism, thorough a more highly skilled leadership
  • To unite AUJS volunteers from across Australia and New Zealand to share enthusiasm, ideas and resources in fighting antisemitism
  • To empower leaders with skills and understanding around leadership so that they are confident to engage in their year ahead
  • For students to develop personal and professional connections with other leaders from around Australia and New Zealand