Accelerate aims to provide students with the confidence and knowledge to engage in constructive dialogue on campus while also providing a unique social experience for students across the union to come together.

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the history of Israel whilst also engaging with the larger questions which may arise on campus.

Accelerate is an annual conference where we will unpack the skills and knowledge needed to have conversations about Israel on campus and in our daily lives. Students will have the opportunity to engage 

with community leaders and experts in the field to gain a broader understanding of the conflict and its history. We will also explore the various impacts and forms of antisemitism and how to best approach issues that arise on campus. 

This program will give you the chance to engage in constructive and nuanced conversations about important issues in our community with students from across the regions. The program features sessions on the definition of Zionism, a discussion about our role as Diaspora Jewry, an exploration into the IHRA definition of antisemitism, and the nature of the current conflict. 

We aim to create the opportunity for you to meet and network with students from across Australia and New Zealand and immerse yourself in a unique educational experience. 

This year’s Accelerate date and location have not yet been finalised. If this is for you, please Express your interest.




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