Who We Are

University of Sydney


The Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) is a federation of Jewish student societies at Australian and New Zealand universities and other higher education institutions. It was founded in 1948 at the University of Sydney and is affiliated with the World Union of Jewish Students. AUJS’ constitution lists its four pillars as Judaism, activism, Zionism, and pluralism. AUJS runs social, educational, political and religious events on University campuses.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every Jewish student is inspired to make a lifelong commitment to local Jewish life, Israel and Jewish peoplehood. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide meaningful experiences to Jewish Students, to develop and strengthen their sense of Jewish identity and Jewish Leadership.


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As the sole representative body for Jewish youth across Australia and New Zealand, AUJS seeks to provide opportunities for Jewish students to express their Jewish identity and heritage. Our events and activities encourage the connection of individual Jewish students to other Jews and the Jewish community and allow for Jewish youth to freely engage with Jewish culture and religion.

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AUJS is committed to remaining active on the social and political issues that affect both Jewish students and the wider student population. We strive to provide educational, cultural, political and social activities to engage Jewish and non-Jewish students alike with student life, Zionism and Jewish history, tradition and culture.

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AUJS is committed to providing a voice and platform for every Jewish and Zionist student across Australia and New Zealand regardless of political affiliation or religious identity. We reflect the complete spectrum of Jewish student opinion and are committed to providing our members with an open and pluralistic environment that promotes understanding between different Jewish denominations and other religious faiths.

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AUJS subscribes to the Zionist ideals espoused in the World Zionist Organisation’s Jerusalem Program. We seek to promote a positive image of Israel on campus; to encourage truth in student political dialogue, and to educate the wider student population about Judaism and Israel.

What We Do

AUJS operates at national, regional and campus levels. Our student leaders, together with our administrative and support staff, are responsible for bringing Jewish life to you on and off-campus. Our key areas of operation are:

  • Jewish & Community Engagement
  • Advocacy
  • Leadership & Development
  • International Programs
  • Social Events
  • The Susan Wakil Fellowship

Jewish & Community Engagement

34% increase in Jewish Identity after engaging with AUJS.

73% of AUJS Leadership and Development Program (LDP)

alumni engaged in their Jewish Communities.


World-class campaigns with a reach of 120,000+

The primary Jewish voice on campuses, fighting Anti-Semitism.

Leadership & Development

5,700+ young Jewish leaders developed.

38% of AUJS Leadership Development Program (LDP)

alumni become CEOs.

International Programs

10,000+ Israel program participants.

$80m+ invested in the Israeli economy.

Social & Political Events

18 Campuses in 6 regions, across Australia and New Zealand, host a variety of events near you.

These events include Purim, Pesach, Yom Ha’atzmaut, bar nights, political seminars, AUJS Ball, end of semester catchup and BBQs

The Susan Wakil Fellowship

Each year, 14 University students participate in the Susan Wakil Fellowship.

The Fellowship provides a nurturing platform for Jewish students to learn how to make an impact upon the issues that are being felt by their fellow students and fellow Australians.